Scissor lift - Under-wheel - 794/795

Scissor lift - Under-wheel - 794/795
Série 794 (4,2T) : Réf. : 794 (Surface-mounted), Réf. : 794-E (Flush-mounted)
Série 795 (5T) : Réf. 794 (Surface-mounted), Réf. 795-E (Flush-mounted)

Scissor lift

The under-wheel scissor lift 794 (4.2 t) and 795 (5 t) series are specially designed to meet the needs and the imperatives of technical inspection centres. The options and accessories provide total adaptability to all types of uses.

The ACTIA advantages


  • 4.2T and 5T capacity,
  • With each lowering the path level is set perfectly by a patented alignment mechanism,
  • Raise and lower movement hydraulic synchronisation,
  • Raise time: 50s (average according to model). Available in quick version for embedded models (25s),
  • All of our products are available in embedded or positioned versions,
  • Auxilairy elevator (option),
  • Play plates (option),
  • Pivoting plates for geometry check (option).


  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electric support mechanisms to provide complete safety during parking (conform to European regulations),
  • Tested under extreme conditions,
  • No mechanical connection between running paths,
  • Electrical installation with low voltage command circuit (24 volts),
  • Movement speed slowed down in start and return to ground phases.


  • Installation and maintenance on site by our ACTIA Automotive technical teams.,
  • Bridges equipped with hinge pivots with self lubricating rings, requiring no maintenance,


  • Range developed for intensive use,
  • Work surface optimisation.

A choice of adaptations

Lifts with flat running paths

  • 794 series

    Lift with large dimension running paths and bearer structure designed to offer maximum stiffness and stability during operation.

  • 795 series

    5.1 m running path for optimum lifting for large dimension commercial vehicles (e.g. long wheelbase trucks).

Embedded lifts

  • Work zone optimisation
  • Free and quick access
  • Work surface profitability
  • Zero congestion

Auxiliary scissor lift integrated into the ramps

Total embedding in the running paths. The auxiliary vehicle lifting improves accessibility under the vehicle and allows all interventions to be made that need the wheels free (tyre change, brake, suspension overhaul).

Lifts for geometry check

  • Running path for total geometry with housings for side play plates and rear panels
  • Retractable rear stop to facilitate the use of geometry appliances
  • Housing for pivoting panels, with dimensions suitable for most pivoting panels. Lengthwise wedges to connect with the running path are available as an option.
  • Rear side play panels with pneumatic locking in centred position and angular and transverse oscillation movement in both directions.

Lifts with play plates

Version with incorporated electro hydraulic play plates. The equipment produces combined alternate transverse / lengthwise effort on the wheels and consequently on the steering and suspension mechanisms. These plates enable visual inspection of any faults (play on the spherical seals, silencer, shock absorber attachment, etc.).

The accessories

Pads for hold under body, in kits of 4 :

  • H : 20 mm H : 40 mm H : 120 mm H : 200 mm
ref. SR650A3
  • Lengthwise wedges for pivoting panels, 6 items
ref. 795-903
  • Lifting cross beams for 795 Capacity 3T.
  • Cross beams for private vehicles (4X4), vital for lifting all terrain vehicles with free wheel and vehicles with lifting points close to the interior of the chassis.
ref. SR650A2
  • Lighting kit integrated into the ramps.
Capacity 4,2T 5T
Lift height, free-standing version 1850 mm 1850 mm
Lift height, fitted version 2085 mm 2085 mm
Ramp lengths 4600 mm 5500 mm
Lifting time 45 sec. 45 sec.
Auxiliary lift capacity 4 T 4 T
Play plates option option
Pivoting ramps for alignment checks option option
2T sliding lifting cross member (P/N) 795-902A 795-902A

Actia : Pont ciseaux prise sous roues 794 795

Actia : Pont ciseaux prise sous roues 794 795 _2
Actia : Pont ciseaux prise sous roues 794 795 _3
Actia : pont ciseaux prise sous-roues, 794-795 _4
Actia : pont ciseaux prise sous-roues, 794-795 _5


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