4g wheel aligners

4g wheel aligners
Suspension and wheels, 4g wheel aligners

The inventor of the wheel alignment bench

As the inventors of the wheel alignment bench, we continue to strive for innovation and reliability by now offering 4G fourth-generation alignment. It has sparked a huge amount of interest among garage equipment professionals, distributors, central purchasing departments, journalists and the trade press.

Actia, liaison au sol géometrie 4G

High-resolution multi-camera measuring heads, 100% dynamic graphic interface, world-exclusive integrated mechanical diagnostics, unbreakable targets, etc. There has never been such a complete wheel aligner!

Certified Actia, agrements géometrie 4G
See the 4G wheel aligner in action : wheel-aligner-4g.com

Exclusive profitability

39% of vehicles require wheel alignment

Using the Quick Minute program - exclusive to ACTIA - 4G will help you to carry out an alignment diagnostic in less than one minute, including the time to fit the targets !

20% of vehicles have adjustment issues

4G offers you a world-exclusive mechanical diagnostics program to detect a defective part in an instant and ensure the safety of your settings.

Actia, agrements géometrie 4G Actia, agrements géometrie 4G

Universal installation

Unlike the various 3D alignment offers currently on the market, 4G can be installed in all conditions: under-wheel scissor lift, 4-post lift or pit. The measuring heads are attached on the sides on 180° mobile support arms.

Actia, agrements géometrie 4G
Actia, agrements géometrie 4G
Actia, agrements géometrie 4G

Educational software

The new user interface is ground-breaking! The 3D graphic animations are simpler and easier than ever, offering assistance to users at every step of the installation or adjustments. Combining ergonomics with style, these animations ensure better monitoring of settings.

A clear and instructional report showing the state of play before setting and an assessment when it is completed. This report can be used to explain the faults found on the vehicle to the customer and to justify the intervention.

Composition and options

  • Mobile support arm (1)
  • Wi-Fi tablet option (2)
  • Three high-resolution cameras (3)
  • Wire or Wi-Fi connection (4)
  • 27’’ full HD screen (5)
  • Windows PC (6)
  • Wi-Fi printer (7)

2 types of clamps with unbreakable targets :

  • Standard clamps (8)
  • Optional three-point clamps (9)
actia griffes standard
actia option griffes 3points
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