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Headlamp Aligners Motorcycles

Headlamp Aligners Motorcycles

100% ACTIA developed and built in France

  • Appliance dedicated to vehicle inspection centres to measure main beam, dipped and fog lights.
  • Analysis by CMOS camera, enabling the new generation of lights to be tested: Xenon, Halogen, LED.
  • Wide 7” colour touch screen.
  • Meets international standards, communication by GEIGLAN and OTCLAN protocols, ASANET-compatible, Wi-Fi or Ethernet transmission.

Easy to use

  • Column fitted with a counterweight for easy movement of the optical unit to the required height (light vehicle, heavy goods vehicle and motorcycle compatible),
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software interface with a 7” touch screen for greater ease of use and easily readable results,
  • Camera-assisted positioning in front of the vehicle.

Quick and accurate

  • High-performance processor and operating system for real-time image processing,
  • Image analysis to the nearest pixel making SMARTLYNX the most advanced headlight adjuster on the market,
  • Camera- and software-assisted optical unit centring for quicker adjustments,
  • Built-in inclinometer.


  • Metal light unit.
  • Heat-cast cover.
  • IP43 classified assembly against water and dust.
  • Connections protected by watertight flaps.

Automatic and standalone

  • Self-calibrating camera,
  • 12h battery life.
Actia Règle-phare Actilux

Serie. 664-4

This headlight tester measures and tests all types of headlights. With its built-in electronics for automatic connection to the BilanMatic, this tool fulfils all essential functions.

  • Display of results on an LCD screen.
  • Electronic tool, display of the direction of the low-beam lights and headlights.
  • Measurement of the light intensity by photodiode.
  • Laser sight.
  • Laser centring.
  • Rail and mirror alignment (kits available as options).
  • Left- hand right-hand drive versions.
  • Battery power.
Actia REGLAFAROS/664-4

Serie. AM664-7

This automated headlight tester automatically tests all types of headlights without any user intervention. It guarantees perfect centring and optimal measurement of the beam. Designed to test and adjust lights on complex surfaces.

    • Fully automatic test process.
    • Robotised and mobile electronic tool on four wheels.
    • Automatic data transfer.
    • Centring by CCD camera.
    • Compatible with light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and motorcycles.
Actia Règle-phare moto 664-7
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